Gala Fall 23

Embracing celebration, we welcome you to ‘Gala’: the after party of all after parties. A collection dedicated to the opulence of wedding grandeur and all its extravagance, ‘Gala’ is an ode to the glamorous, the graceful, the avant-garde. 

Hidden behind concealed doors, deep in the halls of an old English mansion, sparkle embellishments twinkle under heritage chandeliers while the clinking of crystal champagne glasses whisper of unfolding magnificence. An inkling of the world to come.

Abundant in finesse, our new collection features 24 modern and intricate couture-inspired designs for the bride collective. Contemporary silhouettes and architectural design elements adorned with luxurious beaded and embroidered laces. Elevated designs that embody our modern muses; beautiful individuals who confidently live as they are – masterpieces of their own making. Unbound by convention, our brides stand boldly in their individuality and make the world their runway. 

We are looking for passionate retailers to join our Evie Young adventure in bringing contemporary designer gowns to the brides of the world. Contact us for more information!