A French Interlude

We boarded the plane to Paris with more luggage than we’d ever travelled with before and poured over previews of 2019 collections from our contemporaries. A sense of urgency and anticipation hung in the air but mostly we felt the expectation of our brides present and future, and wanted to return having created something daring and beautiful and where better than Paris?


With us, were two incredible collections: a mini magnum opus by head designer Elizabeth Young and her all female team. Another awaited our arrival in Nice so we made our way to our Penthouse apartment off the Champs Élysées and mapped out all the locations we had so frequently visited on Instagram.


Paris was the ultimate inspiration for what was to be only our second ever Luxe collection and what an evolution in such a short amount of time! Laser cut lace gave way to heavily beaded underlays muted by layers of silky tulle adorned with bold motifs and totally extraneous but extravagant details like ostrich feather wisps and pearlescent string fringing. Set against the backdrop of the Arc du Triomphe and the views of the metropolis captured from the top of Montmartre our gowns came to life and were more charming and captivating than we knew they could be.


The collection was named retrospectively and the philosophy behind the creation of an artisan movement that spread across 60 hectares of Paris was more than enough inspiration. The true sense of the word bohemian is grounded in how Montmartre came to be famous for its lack of convention, its willingness to go against the grain, the individuality of its people and their ideals of beauty, originality, authenticity, freedom and love.


Coming soon – Riviera Collection, Montmarte Collection & Paris Collection

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Ivy Ml7419 Full Heavy Lace Gown With Sweetheart Neckline Zip Up Back And Detachable Off Shoulder Lace Straps Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal5.jpg
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Finley Ml0153 Straight Neckline Satin Gown With Off Shoulder Tulle And Lace Balloon Sleeves Zip And Button Up Back Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal2 800x533 2.jpg

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