Behind a French inspired façade of pillars and ornate framed cathedral windows lies a collection of textural and extravagant wedding gowns. Architectural stone pillars and gilded palettes adorn the cobble stone paved pathways, whispering tales of bygone eras and lustrous antiques, where ‘Nouvelle’, the new collection by Evie Young Bridal awaits.

Inspired by the fusing of the modern and timeless French old-world glamour, ‘Nouvelle’ features 23 decadent gowns effortlessly bold in their contemporary design with classic touches. ‘Nouvelle’ features fabrics reminiscent of lustrous antiques and divine French glamour destined to endure time in both fashion and construction. Modern silhouettes and embellishments add unexpected drama, marrying and synergising the fashion ages.

Come inside and explore the hidden treasures in Nouvelle.
Nouvelle White (2)

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