Frequently asked

Australia! Evie Young is an Australian-designed label. Almost all of the gowns are very lightweight compared to other wedding dresses. The designers are mindful of the appeal of a wedding gown that is comfortable and permits movement. A Evie Young creation won’t restrict you on your big day and will allow you to dance the night away!

Lead times vary for every Evie Young creation. Some gowns can therefore be acquired sooner than others so contacting a Evie Young retailer for a less general answer to this question is highly recommended. As with all other industry experts, the standard lead time is 24 weeks but an additional 8 weeks for alterations is further recommended.

Evie Young creations are made to a thoughtfully devised standard that reflects every woman from a size 2 to a 28. The modern woman is best encapsulated in US sizing and that is the basis for the Evie Young standard. A bride’s crucial measurements are taken and compared to that of the sizing standard. The size that is closest to her measurements, while encompassing her largest measurement is then chosen allowing her to undertake alterations if required.

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Yes! All Evie Young creations are designed with modification in mind and can be easily altered to reflect a bride’s personality, physical shape and other desired changes. This is undertaken by the bride upon receiving her Evie Young creation and not before. Changes to the design of the gown are not possible but the possibilities of alterations are endless.

All Evie Young gowns are available in sizes 2-28. Sizes are based on US sizing. Measurements are in inches.