Serene: the confident and beautiful state of maintaining an inner tranquillity, an unruffled repose, amongst the raw and edifying journey of life.

A campaign evolved around the deeply personal theme for the world of late; that despite harsh winters we survive and find serenity in the moments of stillness. Like mother nature’s ability to create breath-taking beauty in a rainstorm. This collection is raw, powerful, momentary and extremely beautiful.

Our Fall 2021 collection features 22 all new, unique and exclusive gowns to steal your heart!

Shot in magnificent Tasmania, Australia; this collection is set amongst scenic natural wonders and idyllic hinterland homes. Showcasing the signature styling of soft, feminine and romantic styles with traditional floral and fauna laces, this collection fuses both our core foundational design features with abstract and unique touches. Dynamic and ever-alluring, we are proud to introduce you to Serene…