Luvy, Evie & Paris - A Love Story

Every Madi Lane gown undergoes a global journey: from conception in beautiful Byron Bay to the culmination of fabrics from the far corners of the European continent and hand-beading in Asia, but even before touching down on the most Easterly point of Australia’s East coast, Lucy had already planned the rest of Evie’s itinerary; taking her from Adelaide to Paris! A familiar face at the wineries of the Barossa and Claire Valleys, photographer Nicholas Purcell captured Evie’s first destination: the wedding of Miss Fisher and Mr McCann.
Lucy then tenderly packed the most beautiful dress she would ever wear into a suitcase bound for a Parisian honeymoon. Lucy, her dream man and her dream gown danced in the shadow of the tour de Eiffel and the priceless memories that ensued were frozen in time by local photographer Oksana Giroud.
Making room for your wedding gown on your honeymoon is a beautiful way to privately re-live the most incredible day of your life. It is perhaps one of the great tragedies that creations as lovely as wedding gowns are only worn once but a quick shoot on location offers them one more glorious moment of light.

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