Madi Lane SS2020, Italia Collection

Madi Lane Spring 2020, Italia collection


Launching today, Madi Lane takes her brides on a journey to magical Puglia where a storia d’amor transpired. Italia brings a vibrancy and poetic elegance unlike anything before – designs which emphasise style over fashion, inspire love and are made for real women.

Fashion forward patterns, botanical floral influences and soft feminine silhouettes feature strongly in Italia, along with more minimalistic cuts designed in alluring European crepe.


Layers of romantic soft tulle effortlessly billow on designs emulating Madi Lanes signature style of Elora – which can be seen in Maiya and Maribel. While Chantilly lace softly drapes across off-the-shoulder sleeves for the boho bride that lives within all of us. 


Dramatic detachable capes and skirts re-appear offering brides an alternative option and an ever lasting impression.


For the first time, Madi Lane Bridal has released a number of angelic custom veils which charm and compliment selected feminine and floral gowns, adding a traditional touch to a timeless collection. Intrinsic luxe designs also appear in Italia, accentuating the feminine form to ensure a flattering and secure fit for brides with varying shapes and curves. High quality fabrics sourced from around the world have been greatly influenced by Italy’s rich history and romantic past, for the spring 2020 collection. Ivory lace, pearl beads, delicate trim and floral motifs have all been hand selected, specifically for each gown, showing the time and care each design encompasses.


With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the excellence and uniqueness of Madi Lane is at the hands of Head Designer and Creative Director, Liz Young. She had a dream and passion to create a label that celebrates the diversity of modern women, and so, the concept of Madi Lane Bridal was born.


A label where real women can select an original gown without the couture price tag. A label where real women can feel elegant, confident and unique, while looking stylishly beautiful. A label which inspires romance and suits an array of wedding visions. A talented and small team of women make it all possible at Madi Lane Bridal, where each gown is designed in-house on the Gold Coast, but inspired from places and cultures around
the globe. The creative team journeyed to Puglia in Italy’s south, to shoot and style the ethereal collection.


“Rich in warmth and love, this location and culture touched our hearts and brought an extra shimmer of magic to each design,” Creative Director Liz Young said.
“Designing ITALIA was a journey of love – a love of creation, a love of romance, a love of exquisite bridal gowns, and encompassing all, a love for the women who wear them.”


Italia consists of three incredibly unique collections, Lecce, Martina Franca and Apulia. Majestic towns mirroring baroque tones, winding alleys and blood-red geraniums making the picturesque backdrop and inspiration for Italia. Lecce is a love story which set sails off the sun dappled Italian coastline. 


The gowns are undeniably authentic and charming capturing the intricate details of pearl beading, feather light lace and decadent veils. Lecce is undeniably classic offering vintage rose accents and lavish ball gowns sparking European elegance.


While, Martina Franca focuses deeply on the luxurious rich designs which flatter bride’s feminine forms. Baroque buildings and bright piazzas act as a muse for the Martina Franca bride. Forgiving designs like Montreal, a symbol of devotion, and Milan who twinkles as she exudes elegance all take on qualities of an Italian Spring.


Rounding out Italia is the fairy tale collection – Apulia. A collection of luxuriant Italian crepe in sleek and stylish finishes making a heavenly first impression. The modern and minimalistic assortment is simple and elegant like the picture perfect backdrop of Alberobello, where the collection came to life. Apulia has a sophistication and symmetry like no other, from the thick and silky crepe which appeals to brides with bohemian inclinations.

Madi Lane Bridal has made sure the designs reflect the remarkable women wearing the gowns – women who inspire, impress and influence, and in turn, the company has reflected the same empowering qualities. It was important for Madi Lane Bridal to acknowledge many gowns created in the bridal industry are not sustainably made.


Madi Lane has added a focus to making a conscious effort to reduce waste throughout the design and manufacturing process, by reusing patterns and opting for classic silhouetted designs which last multiple seasons instead of just one. Where possible, fabric off-cuts are used to reduce land fill while natural hues are preferred over bright pops of colour, to reduce chemical waste. These practices are just a few and have a continued commitment towards sustainability.


Each and every step taken creates a brand that is a journey of love for all Madi Lane brides, from inception to completion. A journey which has become the essence of Italia – the ultimate love story.


Italia will launch in stores from December 2019, offering sizes 2-28.

Maiya Ml10155 Plunging Neck With Full Length Floral Lace And Detachable Sleeves Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal10 800x533 1.jpg
Maymi Ml11601 Shoe String Tie Up Straps With Full Length Floral Lace Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal3.jpg
Mariah Ml11740 Layered Lace With Plunging Neck And Shoe String Straps Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal4 800x533 1.jpg
Mirren Ml10714 Off The Shoulder Plunging Neck With Full Length Floral Lace Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal3.jpg
Messina Ml13092 Strapless Plunging Neck With Floral Lace Wedding Dress Madi Lane Bridal3 800x533 1.jpg

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