Isabelle + Johan

Madi Lane bride Isabelle tied the knot with her lover Johan wearing our AMELIE gown and matching veil at the beautiful Vidbynas Gard in Stockholm. Their love story has us in all the feels!


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Where did you find ‘the one’, and why did you choose that gown?


At first I was looking for inspo on Pinterest and trying to figure out how I wanted my dress to look like. After months of scrolling I found some really dreamy, romantic dresses and noticed they were all from the same brand! I thought “what if I could find someone who sells these dresses in Sweden..”, and when I found a Madi Lane retailer in Stockholm, I thought that this is just too good to be true! I immediately made an appointment, went there with my bridesmaids and ended up having the best experience! I loved the romantic feeling of the dress and the lace was so beautiful. The Amelie dress was one of the first dresses I tried on and the store owner said she could really see it in my smile that this dress was potentially ‘the one’. After having tried out countless of other dresses in other stores as well, nothing could match the Amelie dress. It felt very unique with the beautiful lace and I loved the long train. I fell in love with the off-shoulder lace sleeves! 

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Tell us about the location, and style of your wedding.


We wanted to have a relaxed romantic wedding a bit outside of the city where all of our guests could stay over. After looking at countless of locations we found a lovely location outside Stockholm called Vidbynäs gård, which was a small mansion with beautiful surroundings by a little lake. It was very bright with lots of natural light in the dining area. There was a small church with walking distance from Vidbynäs which was perfect for the ceremony.

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What was your favourite moment?


One special moment was our first look, which was so emotional. Also when I walked down the aisle with my dad and saw my fiancé standing at the end. I was so nervous but when I saw him at the alter I suddenly felt so calm.


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What advice would you share with future Madi Lane brides?


If you’re starting to stress about the details, just take a step back and remember why you’re getting married in the first place! You’re not going to care if the colour of the napkins is not exactly how you imagined it. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to the wedding as well! 

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Dress: Amelie

Photographer: Clara Mortensen

Venue: Vidbynas Gard

Makeup: Caroline Argren

Hair: Sara Ollinen

Flowers: Skapa Blommor